Exposed Skin Care Compared – 2014 Reviews

How does Exposed Skin Care compare to the competition? In short, we think that Exposed Skin Care is the best full spectrum system for getting rid of acne you can buy anywhere. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others that are nearly as good.

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Best in test! Feedback on all popular forums rate Exposed Skin Care as the most liked acne treatment system available.

The top three systems for getting acne under control are made by Exposed Skin Care, ProActiv and ProActiv+ (which offer essentially the same ingredients at the same price), and Neutrogena. All three systems work for the overwhelming majority of people who use them, but there are differences in products, price, and guarantee.

All three systems offer products made with benzoyl peroxide to kill acne bacteria. Only Exposed Skin Care offers a second treatment to get the bacteria that benzoyl peroxide misses.

Benzoyl peroxide is the world’s most commonly used antibacterial treatment for acne. Unlike antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide does not generate antibiotic resistance. It does not let a few super-hardy bacteria escape, although if bacteria live so deep inside pores that benzoyl peroxide does not reach them, acne will eventually come back.

What only Exposed Skin Care offers is a second herbal agent, tea tree oil, that reaches places in pores that benzoyl peroxide misses. Tea tree oil acts a little more slowly than benzoyl peroxide, but it kills both acne bacteria and staph bacteria, staph being the kind of bacteria that makes pimples with ugly, oozy yellow caps. Benzoyl peroxide does not kill staph bacteria.

Tea tree oil also relieves inflammation and itch, reducing redness, making blemishes less noticeable. And because tea tree oil completes the work that benzoyl peroxide starts, it is possible to use less benzoyl peroxide with fewer side effects.

All three systems treat acne successfully. Exposed Skin Care keeps it from coming back.

The ingredient that makes a difference in Exposed Skin Care is green tea extract. Green tea extract kills acne bacteria, but it also reduces the production of oily sebum that clogs pores. Green tea extract by itself isn’t enough to stop acne, but when it is part of a full spectrum acne treatment system, it keeps pores open so you don’t have to keep dealing with pimples in different places month after month. You have to keep using the product to benefit from it, but you can have clear, improved skin instead of just constantly improving skin.

The products in all three systems work. The products in Exposed Skin Care work best.

Neutrogena is sold in retail stores at a wide range of prices. Some drugstore chains don’t give you a very good deal. Both Exposed Skin Care and ProActiv/ProActiv+ are sold direct to the consumer, however at very good prices.

Exposed Skin Care usually costs $49.95 plus shipping and handling for a 60-day supply for five products.

ProActiv and ProActiv+ sell for $39.95 for a 30-day supply of five products or $29.95 for a 30-day supply of three products.

A little math will tell you that 5 products from Exposed Skin Care actually costs less than 3 products from ProActiv/ProActiv+. And the guarantees are different, too.

ProActiv and ProActiv+ give you a 60-day guarantee. Maybe the first batch or products doesn’t work. You order some more. If you decide you don’t like the first batch of products before you have the second for 30 days, then you can send both sets of bottles back for a refund.

Exposed Skin Care gives you a one-year guarantee. And because it also guarantees you will see clear skin in 30 days, you don’t have to order multiple sets of products to see if the system works for you. Order one kit, try it out, and take up to a year to decide if the product works for you.

ProActiv, ProActiv+, Neutrogena, and Exposed Skin Care all work. Exposed Skin Care just works a little better, costs a little less, and has a better guarantee. That’s the edge Exposed Skin Care gives you in winning the war on acne. Try Exposed Skin Care first and it will be the only acne system you will ever need.

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